Nursing Now Ireland Vision


"The aim of the Nursing Now Ireland campaign is that by December 2020 the profile, role and contribution of nurses and midwives will be shared and accessible to civic society, schools, higher education institutions, professional groups, trade unions and broader Irish society; informed by events throughout 2020.”. Find out how you can help.


Nursing Now objectives

The objectives of the Nursing Now Ireland campaign set out a pathway to achieve the vision of the campaign - to raise the profile and highlight the contribution of nurses and midwives.

ElizabethAdams 7 aug.jpg

Professor Elizabeth Adams, member of the global Nursing Now Campaign Board

Professor Adams is the elected President of the European Federation of Nurses Associations, which represents 3 million nurses across Europe.

“Nursing and nurses in leadership are changing the face of healthcare delivery in Ireland and worldwide. Innovative and effective developments in nurse led and delivered healthcare are improving health outcomes and delivering more economic healthcare. Fundamentally, nurses are improving lives, our society and economies and we can do more when nurses are empowered to do their job.”
— Dr Edward Mathews, INMO Director of Professional and Regulatory Services.